JLRC Key Factor

After being established in 2001, JLRC has now become a formidable BRAND and STANDARD of Japanese language education in the Philippines. JLRC is the only private “Research Center” of Japanese language in the country. It is not just an ordinary Japanese/Nihongo training center because we have been utilizing non-traditional and non-generic teaching.

We are committed in delivering the highest value in our services that is Less Time, Less Cost and Less Effort in learning Japanese. To achieve this, we created our uniquely-designed original materials, teaching method and syllabus which contains our 19 years of thorough research and teaching experience as professionals.

It is our privilege to help expand your career path and broaden your world through our services, research and publications. We also hope to promote more interest in the Japanese language, and in the process, help broaden and deepen the knowledge and application of Japan and its culture.

JLRC Story

In 2001, JLRC “Japanese Language Research Center” was established not for the purpose of business grandeur but mainly as a venue for Japanese Language Study and Research. It was started by a student of the University of the Philippines who studied in Japan as an exchange student and developed the love for teaching Japanese after her return to the Philippines. She started JLRC at her small living area space in…
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JLRC Features

JLRC Online Japanese
We bring opportunities wherever you are, across regions and countries. Location is not a problem since all classes are online. We currently have students from all over the Philippines, Japan and other countries.
Highly – Qualified Instructor
Excellent teachers with hiring rate of less than 10%. They are required to complete/pass extensive training and teaching demo.
Classroom Quality Control

Student satisfaction survey and class monitoring system are constantly conducted by JLRC Quality Control Team.

High-Rate of JLPT Passers
Result-guaranteed system which shows our pride in the excellent passing rate of JLPT as professionals. Those who will not pass the JLPT N5 and N4 exam can retake the class for FREE. (Provided, minimum 90% attendance.)
Original and High-Quality Materials
Our original materials are easier to understand for learners of Japanese/ Nihongo because they are made by foreigners / non-Japanese. The materials we use are not copies of books from Japan.
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Well-Designed Syllabus

We create and customize the syllabus specifically to suit the needs of each client.It is backed by our 19 years of teaching experience in handling in-house and corporate classes.

JLRC Achievements

Product Comparison

Based on 2020 research data comparing JLRC to 20 different institutions in the Philippines.

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JLRC Original Materials

We develop original materials that match our time efficient teaching style and are supported by a database that has undergone years of research. Our materials also undergo constant revision and editing to ensure quality. Find more materials here

Our Students

JLRC Online Japanese has the MOST number of students

Based on 2020 research data on top 10 Web listed institutions in the Philippines

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