JLRC’s Original N4 Materials Revised for Online Japanese Learning

JLRC has been developing materials that match our unique teaching method and supported by our database that has undergone years of continuous research. Our materials are in line with our center’s motto of “Less Time, Less Cost and Less Effort” in learning Japanese. We conduct constant revisions to maintain high quality and adapt to the current trends in Japanese Language Education.

In line with the above, we are currently revising and updating our N4 books (Intensive Japanese 3 and Intensive Japanese 4) to better suit the needs of our students.

Intensive Japanese 3’s revised edition, was published last March 24, 2021 and distributed to our enrolled N4 students worldwide. For Intensive Japanese 4, it is still under careful revision and it will be ready for publication by mid-April, 2021. These new books will be used in our upcoming N4 online classes.

JLRC’s Original N4 Materials:

The first of the three-part JLRC N4 books series, Intensive Japanese 3 covers the first half of N4 content including Special Conjugation, Compounding, Set Markers, Nominalization, Verb of Change, Invitation, Hearsays and Comparison. All N5 Kanji and some N4 Kanji are used in the book.

The second of the three-part JLRC N4 books series, Intensive Japanese 4 covers the second half of N4 content including Verb Forms (Potential, Volitional, Imperative, Conditional, Prohibitive, Causative, Passive and Passive-Causative), Honorifics and Giving and Receiving. All N5 and N4 Kanji will be used in this book.

And last but not the least of the three-part JLRC N4 books series, Kanji Workbook N4  is designed to help learners master writing and reading the advanced set of 250 Kanji as well as its related vocabulary.