Apple Jusayan

I remember walking past Shaw Boulevard and just reading store signs as I was on my way to work and this was during my early BPO years. This was when inbound and outbound calls were just starting. One sign that seemed to jump at me was about studying Japanese.

That was my first introduction to Japanese Language Research Center (JLRC).

And with all the information and the apps that you can download, you can easily be overwhelmed.

What should I study first?
Hiragana? And Katakana?
Plus how many Kanji characters?

Studying at JLRC prepares you for what you need to focus on. They have study materials that are available for you. You can always ask any sensei around.

And the class are a good mix of students. Some have corporate jobs. From BPO companies. Others are students on their way to exchange programs. And others are going to Japan for work.

You can always start upskilling with Japanese as your second or third language.

My sister is with the N3 level now. She passed N5 when she was 12. Then she went on to N4. Results were out last month and she passed!

And me, I am taking my sweet time, armed with my stash of highlighters and pens and am going for the basic, N5!

(In the photo is Apple with her younger sister, Daji)