Elvira Hebron

Mechanical Engineer
Taiyo Yuden

It was April 2014 when I decided to take the Nihongo lesson, brought about by the encouraging statements made by some of my cohorts and also, in particular, through my online searches. JLRC…it was there that I felt the tug that led me to where I am now. The moment that I entered, the rush was “this-is-it, finally!” It was really overwhelming how they often put their students above mere profits. The aim they actually pursued was batches of Japanese Language Proficiency Test passers. They have a really unique teaching strategy, and the student-teacher relationship extends well beyond the classroom setting, not to mention their wide portfolio of materials, modules and references to make their lectures more effective. Through the years that I spent with JLRC, I can say that it was definitely worthwhile. “To God be the glory”